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Campaign was shot at KENZO x H&M event in Zagreb, Croatia and the following day when the clothing officially hit the stores. Photographers and journalists were interested in what was going on around PRICE ON REQUEST models so they published photos and characterized the act as a performance. But they think H&M organised it.



Campaign contains product and photos that are referring to the collaborations of well known brands with high street brands. It’s interesting how famous brands often raise lawsuits for infringement of copyright against high street brands, which have taken a big share of the market, and later collaborate with them.
Average customer is convinced he bought these pieces for attractive design. But the quality, price, quantity and method of production are mutually dependent and thus falsely depict the characteristics of the brand in collaboration, and therefore the lifestyle that brand is connected with. It’s also interesting, as those people are camping in front of the store, fighting, they look like homeless and in couple of hours they look BALMAIN or KENZO etc. From homeless to rich in a second.


Photo: Matej Jurčević


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