Snowy mountain slopes, curved racing tracks, horseback riding in untouched wilderness and much more in the new PRICE ON REQUEST campaign. This campaign consists of a t-shirt and two prints. Front side print is a photo reproduction of a piece from POR/NO2 FW 1819 collection. Back side print is a photo documentation of this t-shirt


PRICE ON REQUEST capsule collection presentation event held on last public swimming pool Diana in Zagreb, choreographed by contemporary dancer and artist Martina Granic with the music made by DJ Zolium. With the support of Projekt: Ilica


Campaign was shot at KENZO x H&M event in Zagreb, Croatia and the following day when the clothing officially hit the stores. Photographers and journalists were interested in what was going on around PRICE ON REQUEST models so they published photos and characterized the act as a performance. But they think H&M organised it.